(10.o.o.1 or 10.0.0.l) is sometimes used as a class A IP address for network routers. Some Cisco and Infinity routers supplied by Comcast or some D-Link models use as their default. You can access your router with this IP address and configure different options and features.

What is a Gateway Address? is called a default gateway address when it represents the local side of a router or wireless access point connection to the Internet.

Client devices see this address appear in their TCP/IP network gateway settings after joining the local area network (LAN). In classful IP networks, is a Class A address with default subnet mask

Connect To IP Address

If you are connected to the network, you can reach its console by visiting

The management console will now appear. You will need to enter your username and password. In case you forgot your username and password, you should read this article: How to Recover Router Password. Then, you can select the Network section on your menu display.

Then, you will need to find the network part. You can setup your network with dial-up/DSL method or others, enter the username and password (you can find it on your network provider), setup DNS ( and are provided by google).

You may also need to setup wireless function. To ensure your router's safety, you should select either WPA or WPE. is commonly seen in business computer networks.

Both the 10.x.x.x and 192.168.x.x series fall within private IP address ranges. As a private address, it cannot be used to connect to devices over the Internet.

Common Issues With

Users and administrators can face with several issues when working with IP address:

  • Incorrect device address assignment. An administrator must set up gateways with as a static IP address. On broadband routers, this address is entered on one of the console pages. Business routers may use configuration files and command line scripts instead. If you mistype this address or enter the address in the wrong place, it may cause the device not being available on If you are unable to connect to, your router may use another IP address. You can read this article to find the correct IP address: How to find your router IP address.
  • Gateway device unresponsive. If there is any technical failure on the device or with the network, the device may suddenly stop working.
  • Incorrect client address assignment. On WI-Fi networks, clients connect to the gateway through the network name (SSID). The necessary IP address settings are applied to the client automatically. Many other networks also depend on automated client address assignment. If there is any glitche in this process, the client's gateway settings may be corrupted or lost.