(192.168.l.l)is the default IP address which is normally used by Linksys broadband routers and sometimes, by various brands such as Asus, Belkin, 2Wire, TP-Link, Airlink, Buffalo, Trendnet, Tenda, etc. belongs to the private IP address range starting with and extending through

Network administrators use this IP address in order to set up a new router or to update settings for an existing one. The same address can also be used on business computer networks.

Technically a computer, printer, or another device can be set up to use this IP address instead of a router. However, it can easily cause IP conflicts.

Access Router's Control Panel Through

Knowing your IP address is really important when you set up a new router initially or when you want to troubleshoot a home network problem.

If your router IP address is, you can visit to connect to it. You can log into the router's administrator console and access the configuration screens.

Fix an Unresponsive Router

To find out the reason why a router set up at is not responding, you need to follow Network troubleshooting steps. It may fail to respond when there is a problem with the router, the client device, or the connection in between (such as cabling or wireless interference).

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Find Your Router's IP Address

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