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Senao ECB-8610S

Implement a reliable wireless network at home or in small business setting with ECB-8610S from Engenius. With Wireless-G capability, the device can stream up to 54mbps without using any wires. The device can be used to create multiple VLANs to protect each group of users from attacks. The SSIDs can even be hidden for additional network protection.... (read more)

Senao ECB3500

The Engenius ECB3500 from Senao easily creates a smart wireless setting for consumers and small businesses. With maximum data transfer capability of 108mbps, users can experience high speed data transfer without spending too much. It's built with QoS technology that instantly sets the network setting for gaming, VoIP and multi-media. The device can also create multiple SSIDs.... (read more)

Senao ECB9500

Senao's ECB9500 ensures stable wireless coverage because it features three 5dBi antennas with MIMO technology. The device can be configured for seven purposes including routers with Wireless Distribution System. The antennas can even be changed into a more powerful antenna depending on network preferences. It's also built with QoS technology to create bandwidth for gaming, multi-media and VoIP.... (read more)

Senao EOA3630

The EOA3630 from Senao is a highly flexible device as it can be used for multiple settings depending on network requirements. Featuring a powerful antenna, the device is perfect for outdoor setting since the antenna can be upgraded for additional coverage. Its robust performance is also complemented with network security with encryption and multiple SSID.... (read more)

Senao EOC 2610

The EOC 2610 is a long range outdoor wireless access point/client bridge, operating in the 2.4GHz frequency spectrum, providing a high bandwidth up to 108Mbps. The Router complies with IEEE 802.3 Ethernet, and has WEP Encryption-64/128/152 bit, and configuration is web-based.... (read more)

Senao ERB9250

ERB9250 features Wireless-N networking capability which provides maximum data transfer of 300mbps. The device can also be used as a repeater wherein another router can be connected to extend capabilities such as Ethernet ports. Security in the device can be done in an instant because of a push-button security feature and can be configured through any browser in the network.... (read more)

Senao ESR-1220

Senao ESR-1220 boasts of a SoC or a "Systems on Chip" feature that improves online and networking experience. This hardware based system also comes with additional applications that ease network set-up and troubleshooting. Wireless networking speed is optimized through 802.11g wireless standard.... (read more)

Senao ESR-1221

Engenius ESR-1221 from Senao emphasize on wide network coverage as it can be used to cover up 1200 feet of Wireless-G connectivity. The device also comes with 4-LAN ports which provide additional connection to computers without WiFi features. The high speed data transfer can even be maximized for specific activities because of QoS features.... (read more)

Senao ESR-7750

ESR-7750 ensures wireless connectivity to devices covered within the network because of its dual-band technology. Users can connect through 2.4Ghz for basic data needs or through 5.0Ghz for data intensive services such as streaming of HD movies. The device is complemented with Wireless-N technology which promises network data transfer of up to 300mbps.... (read more)

Senao ESR-9752

The ESR-9752 is a wireless Router with one 10/100Base-T WAN Port and four 10/100Base-T LAN Ports. The Integrated Access Point complies with the IEEE 802.11n (draft 2.0), with a wireless transmission speed of up to 300Mbps. Users can also enjoy features like the WEP and WPA Wireless Encryption.... (read more)